Goa, the state of sun, sand, sannas and sorpotel. But not just that. Along with the beauty that surrounds you with coconut trees and lush green fields are the exquisite seasons that change. Sunny beach days in the summer, sweater weather in the winter and rainy fun days in the monsoon.
Monsoons in Goa are very exciting. May it be bike rides in the rain or a chill evening on your balcony with a cup of coffee and the sound of rain. If you are one of those adventurous beings looking forward to water sports on the beaches of Goa and cannot avail the same just because it is the monsoons? Do not be disappointed. Aquafusion’s got you with river side water sports.
Here are 5 rides you can try this monsoons only at Aquafusion.

Jet ski rides
1. Jet ski rides

If you are the sporty type looking for adventure this is a ride that is perfect for you. Just you and the Jet Ski with a trained professional out in the river revving your heart out will send shots of adrenaline through your veins.


Banana rides
2. Banana rides

Hold on tight! The banana boat ride is here to take you on a wild ride in the rivers of Goa. A fun and exciting ride for your family with complete safety. Still confused about the banana boat ride? It is an inflatable boat shaped almost like a banana connected to a speedboat which pulls it along the river at a rather high speed in an attempt to flip the boat dropping the passengers into the cold water of the river. Hold on tight if you don’t want to be drenched with water.

 Bumper rides
3. Bumper rides

Strap on your safety jacket and ride the river waters in a doughnut shaped raft in the bumper ride also known as tubing. Channel your love for water and adventure to this ride to have a ride of a lifetime filled with laughter and adrenaline.

Boat rides
4. Boat rides

For everyone fascinated with open waters and speedy rides, Aquafusion has speed boat rides just for you. Leave your worries behind while you speed through the river at top speed. Looking for some exciting memories with your buddies or loved ones? This is just the ride for you. Speedboats are fast and powerful giving you the best opportunities to bond and create memories.


5. Kayaking

Paddle through river Sal in a single or a double seat kayak and discover the lush green surroundings including the mangroves that decorate the sides of the river. The mangroves are also home to birds which if lucky you may see them in their own habitat.

Monsoons in goa are the most beautiful sites you would witness. Enjoying the rains on your body or even just chilling watching the downpour is a magical experience. The lush green nature around you gives you a rejuvenated feeling. But you can still give your wild side the opportunity to enjoy. Don’t give it a second thought. Book your rides at Aquafusion and have fun this monsoon.

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