Monsoon Activities

1,155 Price inclusive of 5% GST

With the emerging monsoon season, here is an exclusive monsoon water sports package on the South Goa River – The River Sal. This is definitely one of the best packages yet and undoubtedly will become the most favourite of all rain lovers on the lookout for some thrilling monsoon adventure. With a well-equipped team of professional instructors to guide you through the activities, we do not compromise on our safety standards.

Rides Included :
1. Jet-Ski
2. Banana Ride
3. Bumper Ride
4. Boat Ride



  1. Can I avail the water sport activities without any prior experience with the same? Yes you may, our professionally trained operators will try their all to make you feel comfortable and confident before you take on any ride.
  2. What kind of damages are taken into account for the deposit against equipment damage? Damages caused by the water vehicles colliding in structures like rocks, shorelines, other boats/ water vehicles, into your fellow companion with another water vehicle.
  3. Can I avail the water sport activities if I can’t swim? Yes, you will be provided with life jackets for your safety. Please do inform our operators about the same before taking on a ride.
  4. Can I carry my personal camera? Yes, you can carry your personal camera.
  5. What type of water sports are provided during monsoons? Jet-ski rides Banana rides Bumper rides Boat rides Kayaking rides
  6. Is photography provided as part of the monsoon package? No
  7. How do I book your services? You may book our services on our website, by calling the number provided on the site or coming to our office in person and booking the same.
  8. Can I make online payments? Yes, you may.
  9. Is Razor pay the only supported payment gateway? Yes
  10. What is “riding with operator”? An operator is a trained individual who has all knowledge about the rides. “Riding with operator” only means that when you avail the rides there will always be a trained professional to make sure you enjoy your ride but also be safe. The operator will be the one operating the ride. Maximum people allowed on one jet ski
  11. What are the security measures taken to keep me safe? You will be provided with a life jacket prior to all the rides An operator will always accompany you on all rides